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Order is Unlinked in BigCommerce
How do I re-link an unlinked order in BigCommerce?


I received an email notification about an unlinked order that needs to be re-linked.


When an order is created in BigCommerce, it is given a unique ID in Bolt that is used for tracking transaction status updates and sending notifications to the merchant. Occasionally, internet disruptions, browser crashes, and similar occurrences on the shopper’s end can cause final step of linking the order placed to its Bolt ID. This can cause the order to go unfulfilled indefinitely due to its transaction details never updating to authorized and captured.


  1. Re-create the order manually from the BigCommerce control panel.
  2. Submit a ticket to Bolt’s Support Team including the order’s information and request that it is linked.

At this point, the support team creates a Bolt ID for the re-created order and links the two together to resolve the issue.


You can monitor unlinked orders from the Unlinked Orders dashboard.

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