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Complex Shipping
Learn about offering complex shipping in your store.



Bolt no longer supports new implementations of complex shipping. Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager with questions.

This feature enables your shoppers to ship items in their cart to multiple addresses.


Platform Supported Products

Custom Cart / Direct API


Ship to Multiple Addresses

Shoppers assign each item a shipping address instead of selecting one address for the whole order.

Convenient Logged-In Experience

Shoppers logged into their Bolt accounts can choose from saved addresses for a quick checkout experience.

Ship to Non-Home Addresses

Shoppers choose home shipping for some cart items and store pickup, locker box, or digital delivery for other cart items.

Delivery Options

Shoppers are required to schedule a delivery date for a large furniture item, but they can choose standard shipping for the rest of their cart items.


Shoppers are notified that one item in their cart is a pre-order and will be shipped several weeks later. They can assign shipping options to the rest of their cart items as usual.

Deliver on a Specific Date

Shoppers choose an expedited shipping option and a convenient delivery date for food items, and they choose standard shipping for the rest of their cart items.

Ship the Same Item to Mutiple Addresses

Shoppers add one item to their cart with a quantity of five, and assign one of this item to five different shipping addresses.


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