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Customer Account Activation
How to activate your customer accounts in Bolt.

New Dashboard Notice

Bolt has launched a new Merchant Dashboard experience. See this corresponding page for help documentation that reflects the Legacy Dashboard.

Please note that Legacy Dashboard documentation may no longer have up to date information on our newest features and releases.

You can activate customer accounts originating on an ecommerce platform on Bolt. Doing so unlocks the ability for customers to use Single Sign-On(SSO) at checkout.


Contact your Bolt customer success manager to enable SSO for activated shopper accounts and enable activated users to login.


  • Use either Magento 2 / Adobe Commerce or BigCommerce as your platform
  • Have Administrator dashboard privileges

Enable Account Activation for Magento 2 / Adobe Commerce


Send API Keys to Bolt

  1. Navigate to the Magento 2 Admin Panel.
  2. Navigate to Stores > Configuration > Sales > Payment Methods > Bolt Pay > Advanced Options.
  3. Select Create and send API keys to Bolt.

Enable Account Activations for BigCommerce

No additional steps are needed to enable Account Activation. You can enable single sign-on for activated BigCommerce customer accounts.

How to Activate Customer Accounts

  1. Log in to the Merchant Dashboard.
  2. Navigate to Administration > Account Activation.
  3. Select Start to initiate an account activation.

When you initiate an Account Activation, you will see the following menu items:

  • Date - The date of the migration
  • Status - The state of the migration
  • Action - If the migration fails, you will see a Retry button

Statuses and Errors

The following section is a key for statuses and errors you may encounter when migrating accounts.


  • Pending - The account activation is queued and will begin shortly.
  • In Progress - The account activation is in progress.
  • Complete - The account activation is complete and all accounts are successfully act Bolt.
  • Failed - There was an error during the Account Activation process. If the failure persists, contact Bolt support.


  • Please wait for the account activation to complete before starting a new account activation - You can only perform one migration at a time. The migration that is in progress must be completed before you can initiate another.
  • This action is forbidden - The user does not have Dashboard Administrator permissions.
  • Oops, something went wrong - A generic error message. Contact Bolt support for details.
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