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Transaction List
How to view a list of all transactions in the Bolt Merchant Dashboard.

The List View displays all transactions in a given time frame, as well as their key details.


List Details

Column Description
Merchant Division Account Division
Transaction Reference Bolt Reference ID
Details Link to the Transaction Details
Display ID External Order ID
Timestamp UTC
Auth Expiry Date the transaction can no longer be captured (see Authorization Window)
Amount USD
Approval Status Bolt Risk Analysis Result
Transaction Status The status of the transaction (see Transaction Webhook Statuses)
Network Card Network
Payment Type Processor
Platform Device Type
Browser Family Browser Used
OS Family Device operating system
Channel Route used for purchase


  • Date From: The beginning of your selected date range
  • Date To: The end of your selected date range
  • Transaction Reference: The checkout method used by the shopper (guest or account-based); default all
  • Display ID: The external order ID
  • Approval Status: Bolt Risk Analysis Result
  • Transaction Status: Status of transaction (see Transaction Webhook Statuses)
  • Network: Card Network
  • Platform: Device Type
  • Days Until Expiry: Number of days left before a transaction cannot be captured (see Authorization Window)
  • Merchant Division: The merchant division(s) within scope; default all


See the Controls section for a list of all options.

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