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Switch Merchant Divisions
How to switch to another merchant division in the Bolt Merchant Dashboard.

New Dashboard Notice

Bolt has launched a new Merchant Dashboard experience. See this corresponding page for help documentation that reflects the Legacy Dashboard.

Please note that Legacy Dashboard documentation may no longer have up to date information on our newest features and releases.

If you use Bolt on multiple websites, you may have access to multiple merchant dashboards. By default, when you log into Bolt you will see the Bolt Merchant Dashboard of the first website to which you were given access.

How to Switch Divisions in the Dashboard

  1. Log in to the Bolt Merchant Dashboard.
  2. Click the dropdown menu at the top-left of the screen with your store name.
  3. Choose the merchant dashboard you wish to view. You are then redirected to the other division’s dashboard.

If you do not have access, but believe that you should have access, contact your administrator.

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