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Language Localization
This feature enables you to use a shopper's local language in Bolt Checkout, based on their location.


Language localization enables shoppers to view checkout instructions and cart totals in their local language. This feature is disabled by default.


Product Supported
Managed Checkout Yes.

Embedded Accounts Embedded Accounts Yes.


There are two ways to define localization settings for Bolt Checkout:

  • Via Shopper’s Browser Settings (default)
  • Via injecting an ISO language code into the URL

Language Localization only applies to the Bolt Checkout experience; it does not override the language displayed by your site (such as product names, descriptions, or the shipping options). Numbers, such as product prices and cart totals, are localized.

ISO Method Options

The ISO method for language localization allows for more control of the shopper’s experience by remaining consistent with the language presented on your site. For example, a shopper from Spain might search for “camiseta roja” (red t-shirt) and find a product page from the Spanish version of your site (e.g., www.myshop.es/camisetas/, or www.myshop.com/es-co/camisetas). Without localization enabled, the checkout experience displays in English.

Supported Languages

Language Region
French Canada
German Germany
Portuguese Portugal
Spanish Spain


first example

second example english shipping options

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