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Dynamic Custom Fields
Learn about adding dynamic custom fields to your checkout experience.



Reach out to your Bolt Customer Success Manager to enable this feature.

Dynamic custom fields are a way for merchants to collect more information from customers at checkout. These custom fields support a wide variety of use cases. You can add one or more of the following custom fields to checkout:

  • Single-line input
  • Multi-line input
  • Checkbox
  • Dropdown


Platform Supported Products


Custom Cart / Direct API

Magento 1

Adobe Commerce / Magento 2

(Adobe acquired the Magento brand in May 2018.)

Salesforce Commerce Cloud SFRA

  • Supported for Bolt Managed Checkout.
    • Bolt allows checkout integrations for site built with SFRA (Salesforce Resource Architecture).


Merchant Benefits

  • Gather information from customers such as a tax ID, building entry code, or buyer account number.
  • Let customers share more information to aid in delivery of items e.g., apartment gate code, doorstep delivery required, preferred delivery time.
  • Offer multi-line input for product personalization such as jersey number and player information or monogram details.
  • Provide customers with a mobile friendly user experience.

Available Settings

The following settings can be applied to custom fields:

  • Toggle required or optional
  • Allow numeric or alphanumeric inputs
  • Set max character limit
  • Set mininum character limit
  • Add tooltip text
  • Add placeholder text
  • Configure dynamic customizations e.g., display a Custom Notice if customer enters an apartment number.
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