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Add-On Products

Bolt's Fraud Protection
Learn about Bolt's fraud review process, our scoring methodology, and how to handle rejected orders.
3 articles
Bolt Payments
Learn about Bolt Payments as a payment facilitator.
2 articles
Generate Checkout Links
Learn how to create a link shoppers can use to check out with any product, anywhere.
Order Confirmation Page
Learn about using Bolt's modern, well-featured order confirmation page.
Order Tracking for Merchants
This feature enables your shoppers to track orders through SMS updates and a dedicated order tracking page.
1 article
Risk Assessment Scoring
Learn about how Bolt can identify and assess risk for transactions that are not indemnified by Bolt. All merchants are eligible for this feature, whether they have Fraud Protection or not.
1 article
Shopper Assistant
Learn about the benefits of the Shopper Assistant.
4 articles
Bolt Subscriptions
Learn about Bolt's Subscriptions offering.
6 articles
Pay by Link
How to set up Pay by Link for Shoppers.
SSO Commerce
Learn about offering SSO Commerce in your storefront.
5 articles
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