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SSO Commerce FAQs
Get the answers to some of the most common questions about SSO Commerce.


What happens to an existing shopper’s store account?

Shoppers are prompted to link their original store account to a Bolt account upon their next login after SSO Commerce is enabled.

How are Bolt accounts linked to a store account?

If a shopper has an existing Bolt account and an account associated to your store, they are prompted to link the accounts upon their next login to Bolt.

How long are logged-in sessions active?

  • BigCommerce & Magento: Shoppers stay logged in until they choose to log out.
  • Salesforce CC: Shoppers are automatically logged out after 30 minutes of inactivity.

Are my store accounts ready to be converted?

Bolt can upgrade all store accounts that have an email address associated to them.

Is my Bolt account shipping address made available through my BigCommerce account address book?

The shipping address added to your Bolt account is not shared to the BigCommerce account address book, however, it is referenced as the shipping address for all orders placed.

Offboarding Questions

How are accounts handled if a merchant stops using Bolt?

Bolt allows the merchant to keep all of the accounts created by shoppers while visiting their storefront. These accounts are converted back to traditional store accounts and require shoppers to create a new password.

How are deleted accounts handled?

If a shopper deletes either a store account or their Bolt account, the other linked account is not automatically deleted. Shoppers can individually delete both accounts using the following methods:

  • Store Accounts: A shopper must reach out to the merchant to delete their store account.
  • Bolt Accounts: A shopper must reach out to Bolt to delete their Bolt account.
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