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Order Tracking Page
This feature allows merchants to provide a post-checkout landing page to shoppers so they can choose order tracking options.

Shoppers can access the order tracking page either by clicking the link in an SMS order update or by looking up their order on your site.

Order Tracking Landing Page

Shopper Experience

  1. Enter their email address.
  2. Complete one-time verification code verification.
  3. Your Orders page displays order history at your store. Shoppers select an order to view the order tracking page.
  1. Enter their email address.
  2. Receive an automated email with their order confirmation number.
  3. Enter the order number to view the order tracking page.


The customizations that merchants make to their checkout experience (i.e., logos, colors, etc.) also apply to the order tracking page.


If you’re interested in this feature, follow the instructions listed in our Order Tracking Package Installation article.

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