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Risk Assessment Scoring

Risk Assessment Scoring provides insight into fraud signals at the transaction level. Pair Risk Assessment Scoring with Fraud Protection, or use it alone if you don’t need chargeback indemnification.


  • Access risk scoring insights all in one place on the Bolt Merchant Dashboard
  • Use this data for more accurate and efficient manual reviews
  • Retain full ownership of customer relationships

Without Fraud Protection

With Fraud Protection

How it Works

Each merchant-liable card transaction includes a risk assessment score and a breakdown of the influencing factors. These scores and factors come from the same models that power Bolt’s Fraud Protection product.

Our models use hundreds of indicators about each transaction and data across our network to assess risk. To indicate why a transaction received a certain score, we identify the factors with the highest impact on the score.


Bolt only provides risk scoring for card transactions. Alternative payment method transactions are not assessed for risk.

Next Steps

Enable Risk Assessment Scoring

Contact your Customer Success Manager (CSM) to enable this feature.

View Risk Scores

Risk Scores are available in the Bolt Merchant Dashboard.


Risk Assessment Scoring for BigCommerce
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