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  • Add Shoppers to Your Allowlist

    Merchants can use the Allowlist to bypass Bolt’s fraud protection services for certain trusted customers. This is commonly used for shoppers who routinely place large backoffice orders.

  • Confidentiality Policy

    Any information directly pertaining to an order, or a customer should be treated as confidential.

    Bolt may provide you with information regarding fraud signals, disputes or other processing details related to an order. All of this information should be considered strictly confidential and not shared with anyone outside of your company, including the customer associated with the order.

  • Fraud Review Process

    fraud review

    Every order which passes through Bolt Checkout undergoes Bolt’s Fraud Review process; there are three major steps in the Fraud Review process: the shopper pays, the order is checked by our fraud engine, and then the order is analyzed by Bolt’s Fraud Team.

  • Handling Fraud Claims

    From time to time, when Bolt approves a fraudulent transaction, the cardholder will reach out to you to inform you that the order is fraud and to ask for a refund.

    If you receive such contact from the cardholder, you are not required to take any action as Bolt will happily cover the liability for the cardholder’s chargeback. However, Bolt offers rewards to merchants who:

  • Prohibited Merchant Categories

    The following goods and services categories are either prohibited or require approval before partnering with Bolt. Contact a Sales or Customer Service Representative if you have questions about a category that is either not listed or requires approval. Merchant Categories A-C Category of Goods/Services Status “Negative option” marketing, renewal, or continuity subscription practices; marketing activities involving low-dollar trails, “pay only for shipping,” and/or “free trial” periods after which a credit card is charged periodically and/or a significantly larger amount Prohibited Adult entertainment and/or adult content websites, including Electronic Commerce adult content (videotext) merchants that may include MCCs 5967, 7273 and 7841 Prohibited Age Restricted Products or Services Requires Approval Aggregation or factoring, whether licensed or unlicensed Any Submerchant where the anticipated % of International Card Sales is expected to be greater than 20% of total sales Requires Approval Auto Dealerships, new and used when accepting loan payments (loan payments on a Visa branded Credit Card are Prohibited) Requires Approval Bail Bond Services or Bankruptcy Lawyers Requires Approval Beastiality Prohibited Bidding Fee Auctions (e.

  • Submit a Re-Review

    Merchants can submit an order for re-review for recently rejected transactions that meet certain conditions. Bolt recommends reading the fraud review process before submitting an order for re-review.

  • Support Hours, Tickets, & Chat

    The Bolt Support team is available on weekdays, Monday through Friday, from 8:30 AM - 9:00 PM ET. You can contact a Bolt support representative by chat, email, or ticket submission.

  • View Risk Analytics

    Risk Analytics displays key metrics like approval rates and rejection rates across dimension such as device type (e.g., mobile).