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Confidentiality Policy
Learn about Bolt's confidentiality policy and why it's important for protecting your shoppers.

Any information directly pertaining to an order, or a customer should be treated as confidential.

Bolt may provide you with information regarding fraud signals, disputes or other processing details related to an order. All of this information should be considered strictly confidential and not shared with anyone outside of your company, including the customer associated with the order.

If a customer requests additional information and you are not sure what can be or should be shared, please have them contact Bolt Support directly.

Why Confidentiality Matters

Information is the key tool for financial bad actors. The more information a bad actor can discover about a fraud detection system, the more likely they’ll be able to defeat these systems. By keeping our fraud detection methods confidential you are helping us keep our advantage by staying ahead of fraud patterns. Bad actors commonly use social engineering techniques to gather information. This enables them to defeat security checks.

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