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Fraud Detection
Learn how Bolt analyzes transactions to minimize the merchant's risk of fraud.

Bolt uses machine learning to analyze user behavior to actively detect fraud.

Bolt checks if customers are blacklisted for using stolen cards in the past. Our fraud algorithm determines a level of risk using 200 data points. Bolt performs a manual review within one business hour. To request a re-review, select Available Actions > Request Re-Review within the transaction. Bolt gives merchants the option to provide additional details. If Bolt approves the order, it is eligible for fraud indemnification. If you force-approve a transaction, it is not covered by Bolt fraud. Bolt’s team may also request further information from shoppers by performing a micro-transaction to their payment method.


Bolt initiates and completes investigations into fraud alerts within 7 days.

Learning Outcomes

You will be able to:

  • Discover all of the tools and data Bolt uses to indemnify orders,
  • Understand how to interact with transactions under review,
  • Request a re-review,
  • Identify which situations Bolt covers as part of fraud protection.
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