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Logged-in Checkout
Learn how shoppers navigate through the logged-in checkout flow.

Bolt logged-in checkout offers a seamless repeat purchasing experience for shoppers. Shoppers will see a one-page checkout flow when they navigate to checkout. This occurs if the shopper previously selected “Save my info,” when checking out on a Bolt network store.

This process creates a Bolt account for the shopper they can use across devices and Bolt retailers. When repeat-shoppers open checkout, Bolt prompts them to enter their email and phone number to log in using a one-time code sent via SMS. Shoppers are prompted to enter a recognized phone number. If shoppers enter an incorrect code, Bolt will ask them to re-enter it. Shoppers can also resend the code. After the code is verified, users see a checkout page with shipping options and their pre-saved shipping address and payment information. Shoppers can edit these fields if they choose.

Learning Outcomes

You will be able to:

  • Understand what the Bolt logged-in checkout experience offers shoppers,
  • Identify the steps customers go through when checking out while logged in,
  • Identify how Bolt verifies logged-in shoppers.
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