Learn how to navigate transactions in the Bolt Merchant Dashboard.

Transactions move through statuses based on where they are in the transaction lifecycle:

  • Failed Authorization: When a customer’s payment method was rejected. Customers can try another payment method.
  • Completed: Funds authorized and fraud check completed.
  • Authorized: Transactions with this status are captured. Used when delayed captured is enabled.
  • In Review: In review with Bolt fraud team.
  • Recently Rejected: Rejected by Bolt’s fraud team.
  • Permanently Rejected: Orders that are determined fraudulent when merchant confirms rejection or review window expires.
  • Refunded: Shown when merchant refunds order.
  • Cancelled: Merchants can set orders to Cancelled any time in the transaction process.

Learning Outcomes

You will be able to:

  • Understand how to interact with transactions in the merchant dashboard,
  • Identify what phase an order transaction is in based on its status.
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