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Holiday Services 2022

Bolt is fully prepared to provide you and your customers with a top-notch experience this holiday season. To ensure your success, you’ll have the personalized help of our expert customer experience team, proactive testing & monitoring from Bolt’s engineering team, and resources such as our Help Center and Status Page to guide you.

Service Offerings

  • Bolt offers 24/7 emergency support for critical priority issues. To receive emergency support, submit a ticket using the Bolt Merchant dashboard or through our Help Center and set the Business Impact to “Critical.”
  • For non-critical issues, contact the Bolt Support Team during our business hours of 8:30AM ET - 9:00PM ET, Monday through Friday. You can submit tickets using the merchant dashboard or through our Help Center.
  • Chat with our agents from the Merchant Dashboard using Live Chat Support 10AM ET - 7PM ET, Monday through Friday.
  • Subscribe to Bolt’s Status page so that you receive emergency notifications.
  • Sign up for a Bolt Support Account so that you can track your open support tickets.
  • For those using our fraud protection product, the Bolt Risk Team will continue to approve your orders within one hour of placement from 9AM ET - 8PM ET every day including weekends and holidays.
  • Are you optimizing your customer experience before the holidays? If you plan to make major site upgrades such as updating your PHP version or your theme, or installing new applications or plugins, we recommend that you reach out to Support in advance so we can work with you as needed to keep your site stable during the busiest time of the year.

Chargeback Training for Bolt Pay Merchants

To set your business up for success this holiday season, Bolt’s disputes team will be holding a chargebacks training for all interested Bolt Pay merchants.

Engineering Preparation

  • Full code freezes from November 16 - November 29 and December 17 - January 3.
  • Pre-holiday system load tests.
  • Engineers on call 24/7 to monitor and resolve critical issues.

Additional Resources

Bolt wants you to have everything you need to have a succesful holiday season. For more information on all things Bolt, check out our support articles, technical documentation, or a few of our recommended articles below.

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