Understand how Bolt uses webhooks, why webhooks may fail, and how to resolve failing webhooks.

Bolt uses webhooks to send data to your order management system. Every time Bolt needs to send information about a new order event, it makes a webhook call to the API endpoint in your order management system to update the order. Bolt sends multiple hooks over the lifecycle of a transaction so you can keep systems in sync.

You can see these events by navigating to Transactions, selecting a transaction and scrolling to the bottom past order data. Failure can occur if your system experiences latency when responding to Bolt, or when the customer has payment processing issues. Click Settings > Hook Events to see all events. In Settings > Edit Notification Settings you can customize webhook notification frequency. You may need to resolve issues and then resend the webhook. You can also contact Bolt Support for help.

Learning Outcomes

You will be able to:

  • Understand what webhooks are and how they’re used to communication between your order management system and Bolt,
  • Identify where to view hook events,
  • Identify how to set up webhooks and what to do if you experience issues.
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