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Back Office Orders
Learn how to place backoffice orders in the Bolt Merchant Dashboard.

You can create orders in your back office or through the Bolt Virtual Terminal.

A back office order is an order created in an ecommerce platform on behalf of a shopper. These types of orders allow you to process phone or in-person orders. The process for completing back office orders differs based on platform. In most cases, you will take down shopper information and order details, then complete payment on behalf of the shopper in the ecommerce platform, or send them a link where they can complete payment on their own. There are no Bolt fees associated with these orders.

Virtual terminal orders are orders placed through the Bolt Dashboard. There are several limitations to Virtual Terminal orders:

  • Bolt cannot indemnify orders created by merchants in their ecommerce platforms on behalf of shoppers.
  • These orders do not sync with your ecommerce platform. Because of this, it is recommended you refund virtual terminal orders through your platform.

To use the Virtual Terminal, do the following:

Learning Outcomes

You will be able to:

  • Tell the difference between a back-office order and Virtual Terminal order,
  • Understand the limitations of virtual terminal orders,
  • Complete virtual terminal and backoffice orders on behalf of shoppers.
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