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What is Bolt?
Learn more about Bolt's core features and how to leverage them to create meaningful shopper experiences.

What is Bolt?

Bolt is a suite of products designed to democratize ecommerce and turn shoppers into known customers. Bolt can enhance the checkout experience, provide fraud services for sellers and give them more insight into their customers' purchasing behavior and product preferences. For shoppers, Bolt provides the convenience they expect from an ideal ecommerce experience, engaging them to become repeat customers.


Bolt is focused on offering a one-click experience for shoppers: they can sign up, log in and check out with one click. After shoppers have become part of the universal Bolt Network, merchants have access to analytics that break down shopper behavior, demographics, and product performance.

Universal Commerce

Because Bolt is not specific to any ecommerce platform, you can install Bolt products on any site.

  • Accounts: A modular commerce experience. Embedded checkout components that work with any commerce site and offer highly personalized user experiences to shoppers. Mix and match the account creation modal, the checkout modal, single-sign-on, and customer account management with your existing ecommerce experience. Customers mainly see the merchant’s website when using Bolt Accounts.

  • Checkout: An all-in-one checkout and customer account creation experience. Bolt Checkout is designed to be installed and sit on top of the existing ecommerce site. Customers see both Bolt’s checkout and account creation experience.

Bolt Payments

Bolt Payments is a solution that allows you to easily manage transactions between shoppers and accept payment via all major credit cards and Alternative Payment Methods. With Bolt Payments, you have access to reporting and reconciliation tools.

If you have an existing processor, Bolt can also integrate with a provider directly. Doing so lets you manage fees, transactions and reconciliation directly with your provider. This option is for merchants who need to use a specific processor that aligns with their business' needs.


Bolt offers a suite of APIs that lets developers integrate Bolt with most ecommerce flows.

Product Recommendations

Bolt’s product recommendation engine uses data to surface items we think shoppers will love. Instead of scanning a site for what they want, Bolt shows customers exactly what they are looking for.


Bolt provides two core products to help merchants make informed decisions when completing transactions with customers.

  • Risk Scoring: Within the Bolt dashboard, merchants can see how risky transactions are, and decide whether they want to finalize payment with the customer or not.
  • Fraud Protection: Deeper insights into how Bolt determine’s fraud, and a chargeback guarantee.
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