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Merchant Quickstart
Start here for a roadmap to onboarding, support, and documentation.

Welcome to Bolt! Our goal is to deliver the most innovative checkout experience possible — for both you and your shoppers. To get you started, we’ve rounded up some of the most useful resources for onboarding your team. These resources cover common processes related to order operations, disputes, support outreach, and compliance requirements.


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Step 1: Review Bolt’s Policies & Processes

  1. Learn about Bolt’s fraud review, dispute, and refund processes.
  2. Check the settlement & payout schedule.
  3. Review our checkout feature menu to ensure you’ve activated everything you would like to use.

Step 2: Explore the Bolt Merchant Dashboard

  1. Onboard your staff by creating role-based accounts and enable important email notifications for each role.
  2. Learn how to view transactions.
  3. Learn how to manage risk by issuing refunds, submitting re-reviews, and voiding transactions.

Step 3: Save Bookmarks

Platform Operations

We’ve rounded up the most common operations for each platform your team may need to know about. These articles include information on order review and status changes unique to each platform.


Depending on your integration, some operations are best performed through your eCommerce platform’s admin console. If you are unsure how to perform an action, check our guides or reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

Release Changelog

Bolt’s Changelog announces new features you may want to take advantage of. You can filter the Changelog by selecting the tag for your eCommerce platform. Merchants also get email notifications whenever their plugin has a new version available.

About Upgrading

Have your administrator or development team upgrade your plugin using steps found in Bolt’s Platform Setup Guides. Bolt recommends upgrading your plugin routinely so that you can take advantage of new features, participate in beta feature programs, and deliver the most value to your shoppers.


Need help or just have some questions? Bolt recommends submitting a support ticket. You can review Bolt’s live support hours and track submitted tickets using the following links:

Step 4: Watch Learning Videos

Bolt’s video library grows all the time! Articles that include videos are tagged with video guide.

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