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Help Site Tour
Learn about recent updates to the help site and how to navigate the revised structure.

Welcome to the revised Bolt Help Site!

You may have noticed that we’ve changed some things about the appearance and organization of this site. Read on for a summary of what we updated and why.

About Bolt Help

To reflect changes in our approach to component-focused products, we set out to improve the help site with the following goals:

  • Hierarchy, or intuitive navigation for all users
  • Modularity, or searching and filtering capabilities
  • More visually appealing design, aligned with refreshed branding
  • Developer-friendly structure and resources
  • Shopper-friendly experience


Bolt Help includes three content areas based on the user type:

Merchant & Developer Help

Bolt’s Merchant & Developer Help Site gives merchants and developers a shared site and search experience. We’re considering them the same audience for documentation purposes because they have similar information needs for selection, setup, and maintenance of the Bolt products.

You’ll notice the following changes:

  • Articles are refined and condensed for concision
  • New onboarding category orients new users
  • Folder organization prioritizes breadth over depth to improve findability
  • Tightened left-hand navigation follows topics or user journeys as opposed to article types or personas
  • Hierarchical article structure communicates how products and features are positioned within Bolt
  • Advanced search

Shopper Help

Bolt’s Shopper Help Site is a dedicated space for shoppers to learn about Bolt without getting confused by merchant- or developer-facing documentation. This area is simple to navigate and features inviting content with the following changes:

  • Clean left-navigation menu only includes shopper-facing articles
  • Simplified home page highlights top-level categories and the first few articles from each
  • Quick access to Shopper Dashboard via Account Login button

Bolt APIs

The Bolt API collection helps technical users understand and work with our APIs and SDKs. The main changes you’ll notice here include the following:

  • Expanded code samples and use cases aimed specifically at developers
  • Improved article hierarchy and tightened menus
  • Advanced search

Merchant & Developer Help Navigation

You’ll see the following top-level categories in the shared merchant and developer help site:

  • Get Started: Learn about Bolt and Bolt Help, compare our checkout products, and choose where to go next.
  • Products: Installation and customization guides for Bolt’s Core Products with overviews, cart-specific set up steps, and lists of features for each variation.
  • Add-Ons: Installation and customization guides for Bolt’s Add-On Products to enhance the merchant’s checkout stack.
  • Connectors: Integrations with third-party service and technology providers that allow merchants to connect their tool sets with Bolt.
  • Operations: User guides for dashboard actions and day-to-day non-developer tasks, including transactions, report dashboards.
  • APIs, SDKs, & Webhooks: Documentation for APIs, Webhooks, SDKs, and other code libraries developers may need to reference during implementation.

These categories are accessible via the left-hand navigation or the home page.

Search Bolt Help

  • Quick Search: Click the top-right search button, then enter a search term to see articles that include this term in their title, description, or body.
  • Advanced Search: Click the top-right search button, then select “Advanced Search” under the search bar. Then, enter a search term, then select filters to narrow the results. Enables you to search across all help sites or focus on a specific topic.
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