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Abandoned Carts
Enable one-click checkout directly from shopper notifications with Bolt's Abandoned Cart solution.


Abandoned Carts sends notifications to bring shoppers back to your site to complete their purchase. You can manage your emails and see checkout analtyics related to abandoned carts in your dashboard.

To see Abandoned Cart analytics, go to the analytics section of the dashboard or read more about available metrics here.


Platform Supported Products

Custom Cart / Direct API


Magento 1

Adobe Commerce / Magento 2

(Adobe acquired the Magento brand in May 2018.)

Netsuite ERP

  • Supported for Bolt Managed Checkout.
    • Bolt supports checkout for Netsuite’s Enterprise Resource Planning product.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud SFRA

  • Supported for Bolt Managed Checkout.
    • Bolt allows checkout integrations for site built with SFRA (Salesforce Resource Architecture).




Merchants already using Abandoned Carts will have the opportunity for a temporary free trial. Reach out to your Bolt representative for more information.

Shopper Experience

When a shopper with a Bolt Account abandons a cart, their actions and device are logged via checkout and set to Bolt. After a short waiting period to ensure a shopper has not just accidentally lost service or closed their window, an abandoned cart message is sent to the device they last used.


SMS capabilities are coming soon.

flowchart LR A[Shopper abandons cart fa:fa-shopping-cart] --> |fa:fa-computer| D[Desktop] D -->|Wait 2 hours|F[Send email] F -->|Wait 24 hours|G[Send email]


Bolt adheres to CANSPAM regulations for abandoned cart notifications.


To set up Abandoned Carts, go to your Merchant Dashboard. Then, select Abandoned Carts from the left-hand navigation. Select “Get Started Today” and a Bolt representative will be in touch to enable the feature and discuss the free trial period.

After your trial begins, you can see the Abandoned Carts main page, which allows you to monitor sent emails, and dive deeper into message statuses.

Message Status Description
New Notification in queue (to be sent).
Skipped Notification will not sent due to duplication (shopper has repeatedly abandoned cart) or staleness (shopper returned and completed checkout).
Emailed Notification has been sent.
Recovered Notification was sent and converted shopper to complete checkout.

Abandoned Carts Dashboard

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