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Order Tracking Suite
This suite of features enables your shoppers to track orders through SMS updates and a dedicated order tracking page.

Merchants can provide shoppers with

Suite Features

Confirmation Page

A post-checkout landing page for shoppers that allows them to choose personal order tracking options.

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SMS Updates

A messaging system for real-time updates on shipping and delivery status with linking to the order tracking page and support for international phone numbers.

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Tracking Page

A mobile-friendly page with a shopper’s order summary, contact and shipping information, and order status.

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Platform Supported Products


Custom Cart / Direct API

Adobe Commerce / Magento 2

(Adobe acquired the Magento brand in May 2018.)


Bolt’s uses AfterShip (Automizely) by default to facilitate order tracking; review their courier list for a breakdown of their supported couriers.

If Aftership does not support your preferred courier, Bolt can also leverage EasyPost for order tracking.


Enable Order Tracking

Instructions for installing and implementing the Order Tracking Add-On Suite.

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The customizations that merchants make to their checkout experience (i.e., logos, colors, etc.) also apply to the order tracking page.

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