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Shopper Assistant

Add the Bolt Shopper Assistant to your storefront to offer shoppers a personalized experience and turn guest shoppers into logged-in shoppers.

Merchant Benefits

  • Increase conversion with sign-up discounts.
  • Increase retention with the incentive of a personalized experience.
  • Capture intent earlier in the shopper’s journey.


  • Shopper Assistant is currently only available for merchants using BigCommerce or Magento 2 for their cart platform.

Feature Parity

Feature BigCommerce Magento 2 / Adobe Commerce
Bolt Account Login Yes Yes
Bolt Account Creation Yes Yes
Platform Account Login Yes Yes
Platform Account Creation Yes Yes
Static Product Recommendation Yes No
View Past Orders Yes No
Reorder Yes No
Recently Viewed Products Yes No
Buy it Again Yes No
Add to Cart from Buy it Again Yes No
Color, Position, and Other Customization Yes No

How It Works

The Shopper Assistant is a floating module that appears on every page of the merchant storefront.


The widget guides shoppers to recommended products and actions with the following tabs:

Your Orders

Recently Viewed

Buy It Again

Shopper Experience

The shopper login and browsing flows vary depending on several factors, such as whether the shopper has a Bolt account, visited your store, or made a purchase; and whether you’re offering a sign-up incentive.

Logging In



  • Availability: Shopper Assistant is available for merchants using BigCommerce Checkout or Adobe Commerce.
  • Sign-up incentive program: Merchants fund their own incentive discounts.


Set Up the Shopper Assistant
Install the Shopper Assistant.
Add Recommended Products to the Shopper Assistant
Add recommended products to the Shopper Assistant.
Optional Settings for the Shopper Assistant
Customize your Shopper Assistant.
Disable the Shopper Assistant
Disable and remove the Shopper Assistant from your site.
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