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Optional Settings for the Shopper Assistant

Customize your Shopper Assistant.

Configure Visual Settings

Visual settings enable you to customize the look and feel of your Shopper Assistant.

  1. Position: Select the location for the Shopper Assistant widget to display.
  2. Z-Index: Enter a value to change the stack order of this element. Bolt recommends setting the Z-Index to a large value such as 99999 so that the Shopper Assistant is never covered by another element.
  3. Primary CTA Color: To customize the color of primary buttons and actions, enter a hex value.
  4. Click Save.

Enable Shopper Incentives

Optionally, offer shoppers a discount to incentivize them to use the Shopper Assistant. This benefits your business because the Shopper Assistant turns guest shoppers into logged-in shoppers and provides greater insights on shopper preferences and behavior.

  1. Toggle Turn on discounts to On .
  2. Type of Discount: Select the discount that you’d like to offer to shoppers:
    • Percent off total purchase: Select a percentage.
    • Free shipping
      • Not available on Adobe Commerce.
  3. Click Save.

Set Up Cart-Based Dynamic Product Recommendations

It is possible to incorporate logic to add dynamic product recommendations to checkout. Refer to Set Up Cart-Based Product Add-Ons.

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