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Fraud Protection Services
Bolt's fraud product and review process with our elite scoring methodology.

Bolt’s Fraud Protection add-on is the best way to protect your business, flagging risky orders for manual review and indemnifying transactions that charge back as fraudulent.


Take advantage of multiple layers of protection against fraudulent transactions.

✓ Recaptcha

Our scoring system detects bot-like activity typically associated with card testing attacks.

✓ Allowlist & Blocklist

Bolt-managed rules can block pre-authorization (blocklist) or skip risk review (allowlist).

✓ 3DS2

Bolt supports 3DS2 for users of Bolt Payments to enable international transactions where secure customer authentication is required.

✓ Risk Machine Learning

Bolt’s machine learning generates a risk score based on data points collected on the order.

✓ Risk Analyst Review

The top 3% of riskiest orders are sent to an analyst for qualitative review. In some cases, Bolt issues micro-authorization transactions to verify that the shopper has access to the provided credit card account.

✓ Declined Order Recovery

Merchants can view rejected order insights and request a re-review from Bolt for suspected false positives.


Get Bolt Fraud

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Learn how to use fraud and risk features in the Bolt Merchant Dashboard.

Enable Order Rejection Overrides
Define order rejection and override settings.
The Fraud Review Process
Learn about Bolt's fraud review process, our scoring methodology, and how to handle rejected orders. This information applies to merchants who use Fraud Protection.
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