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Handle Cardholder Reports of Fraud
How merchants can handle fraud claims submitted by a cardholder.

From time to time, when Bolt approves a fraudulent transaction, the cardholder will inform you that the order was fraudulent and request a refund.

If you receive such contact from the cardholder and believe the claim to be legitimate, Bolt recommends you attempt the following:

  • Cancel the shipment
  • Refund the cardholder
  • Inform Bolt Support that the order is fraud

If you are able to successfully cancel the shipment and refund the order, Bolt credits you for the following:

  • Fees Bolt charged to the merchant for the order
  • Outbound shipping costs indemnified by Bolt
  • Return shipping costs and restocking fees up to 25% of overall order cost

Proof of costs, such as return shipping and restocking, must be provided to Bolt in order to receive the credit. For merchants using Bolt Payments, all credits appear as adjustment transactions in the daily settlement within 1-2 business days of issuance. For merchants on Gateway processing, funds show up on the next invoice.


If a chargeback occurs and you are unable to cancel the shipment and/or refund the order, Bolt’s standard indemnification policies apply.

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