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Renew Your Domain
Learn what to do when your domain name is about to expire.

About Domain Names

Your domain name is the unique title of your website including .com, .net or another path e.g., my-awesome-site.com. If you have a custom domain, this means you’ve paid to lease the name from a registrar, such as GoDaddy, Domain.com or BlueHost.

How to Fix an Expiring Domain

At some point you may receive an email that says your domain is about to expire, or that your website’s SSL certificate is about to lapse. SSL certificates protect consumers by verifying your website’s identity.

To fix this, you should contact your domain registrar for help to renew your domain or update your SSL certificate. It is a good idea to renew your domain name for as long as possible to avoid expiration. Some registrars offer longer leases, although one year leases are the standard.


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