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Custom UI Copy
This feature enables you to override Bolt's default messaging within the Checkout modal.


Custom UI Copy enables merchants to change the Bolt Checkout modal’s default messaging across most of its major touch points, including: discount application, shipping detail entry, and error messages. These customizations are available on the division-level, meaning you can craft unique messaging for each storefront associated to your merchant account.

Reach out to Bolt Support to update the Bolt Checkout modal’s UI copy.


Platform Supported Products

Custom Cart / Direct API

UI Customization Options

Use the following lists to compile all of your Custom UI Copy changes.


Text Key Default Text
discount/applied DISCOUNT APPLIED
discount/apply APPLY
discount/codePlaceholder DISCOUNT
discount/error Discount is not applicable
discount/invalid Invalid discount
discount/label Discount
discount/label-plural Discounts
discount/link + DISCOUNT
discount/offer_claimed OFFER CLAIMED
discount/remove_error Sorry we weren’t able to remove {{ discount_code }}. Please try again.

Gift Card

Text Key Default Text
giftCard/cardNumber Card number
giftCard/inputTitle Enter Gift/E-Gift/Store credit
giftCard/invalid Invalid Card Number or PIN
giftCard/label Ending in
giftCard/pinNumber PIN
giftCard/title Gift Card


Text Key Default Text
cart/delivery Delivery
cart/discount Discount
cart/orderSummary Order Summary
cart/shipping Shipping
cart/subtotal Subtotal
cart/tax Tax
cart/taxes Taxes
cart/total Total
cart/updating Updating…

Shipping Details Form


To improve the speed and performance of the checkout bundle, the system only renders flags for the ten (10) most commonly-used countries (shippingInfo/form/phone/countryCode/flagicon/img/alt).

Text Key Default Text
shippingInfo/form/addAddressLine2Link + APARTMENT, BUILDING, FLOOR
shippingInfo/form/addressLine1/error/missing Address required
shippingInfo/form/addressLine1/error/unsupported Unsupported shipping (PO box)
shippingInfo/form/addressLine1/label Street address
shippingInfo/form/addressLine2/error/missing Address required
shippingInfo/form/addressLine2/error/unsupported Unsupported shipping (PO box)
shippingInfo/form/addressLine2/label Apartment, building, floor (optional)
shippingInfo/form/city/error/missing City required
shippingInfo/form/city/label City
shippingInfo/form/company/button + Add Company
shippingInfo/form/company/error/missing Company name required
shippingInfo/form/company/label Company name
shippingInfo/form/company/label/optional Company name (optional)
shippingInfo/form/country/error/missing Country required
shippingInfo/form/country/error/notsupported Can’t ship to country
shippingInfo/form/country/select/label Country
shippingInfo/form/email/error/invalid Invalid email
shippingInfo/form/email/error/missing Email required
shippingInfo/form/firstName/error/limit First name too long
shippingInfo/form/firstName/error/missing First name required
shippingInfo/form/firstName/label First name
shippingInfo/form/lastName/error/limit Last name too long
shippingInfo/form/lastName/error/missing Last name required
shippingInfo/form/lastName/label Last name
shippingInfo/form/phone/countryCode/flagicon/img/alt country code selected
shippingInfo/form/phone/countryCode/label Select Country Code
shippingInfo/form/phone/error/invalid Invalid phone
shippingInfo/form/phone/error/missing Phone required
shippingInfo/form/postalCode/error/invalid Invalid postal code
shippingInfo/form/postalCode/error/missing Postal code required
shippingInfo/form/province/error/invalid Invalid Province
shippingInfo/form/province/select/label Province
shippingInfo/form/region/error/invalid Invalid Region
shippingInfo/form/region/select/label Region
shippingInfo/form/state/error/invalid Invalid State
shippingInfo/form/state/error/notsupported Can’t ship to state
shippingInfo/form/state/select/label State
shippingInfo/form/state/textInput/label Region/Province
shippingInfo/form/zip/error/invalid Invalid ZIP
shippingInfo/form/zip/error/missing ZIP required
shippingInfo/form/zip/label ZIP

Shipping Options

Text Key Default Text
shippingOptions/addDeliveryNotes + ADD DELIVERY NOTES
shippingOptions/deliveryNoteLabel Delivery notes
shippingOptions/estimatedDeliveryDate Estimated Delivery Date:
shippingOptions/mobile/collapsed Standard shipping
shippingOptions/mobile/error We were unable to find any delivery options. Please try again or enter an alternative address.
shippingOptions/mobile/loadingFirst Finding available options…
shippingOptions/mobile/loadingSecond Still finding delivery options. Go ahead and enter your payment first…
shippingOptions/mobile/tryAgain TRY AGAIN
shippingOptions/selectShipping/loadMoreOptions + Load more options
shippingOptions/selectShipping/loadingMoreOptions/guest Continue below or wait for more options
shippingOptions/selectShipping/loadingMoreOptions/loggedIn Pay now or wait for more options
shippingOptions/selectShipping/selectShippingOption Select shipping option
shippingOptions/selectShipping/showMoreOptions + Show more options

Order Notes

Text Key Default Text
orderNotes/label Order notes (optional)
orderNotes/placeholder Delivery, gift, or special instructions

Payment Form

Text Key Default Text
payment/form/cardNumber/label Card number
payment/form/ccn/error/invalid Invalid card number
payment/form/ccn/error/missing Card number required
payment/form/ccn/error/unsupported Unsupported card network
payment/form/complete Complete order
payment/form/cvv/error/invalid Invalid CVV
payment/form/cvv/error/missing CVV required
payment/form/cvv/fourDigit/tooltip The CVV/Security Code is the 4-digit code on the front of your card.
payment/form/cvv/label CVV
payment/form/cvv/threeDigit/tooltip The 3-digit CVV is placed on the back of most cards. American Express uses 4-digits on the front.
payment/form/exp/label Expiration
payment/form/expiry/error/expired Card expired
payment/form/expiry/error/invalid Invalid expiration
payment/form/expiry/error/missing Expiration required
payment/form/firstName/label First name
payment/form/lastName/label Last name
payment/form/loading Loading
payment/form/payButton Pay {{ amount }}
payment/form/processing Processing
payment/form/securityAndPrivacy We protect your payment information using encryption to provide bank-level security.
payment/form/securityAndPrivacy/short We provide bank-level encryption and security.
payment/form/zip/label ZIP
payment/form/zip/placeholder ZIP

Custom Notices

See our dedicated Custom Notices reference article for more information.

Text Key Default Text
order/customNotice None
payment/customNotice None
shipping/customNotice None
shippingInfo/customNotice None


Text Key Default Text
error/address Invalid Shipping Address!
error/amountTooLow Order amount too low
error/authorize/tooManyRequests Your order was not processed due to abnormally high traffic on our website. Please try again in a few minutes. If you are unable to check out after your next attempt, reach out to {{ merchantSupportEmail }} for assistance.
error/checkout/tooManyRequests Our system is currently experiencing high traffic. Please click exit checkout and wait a few minutes before trying again.
error/codeAlreadyUsed Code already used
error/discount Discount is not valid.
error/discountCannotBeRemoved Error: discount not removed
error/discountCodeExpired Code has expired
error/discountCodeInsufficientInformation Error: code not applied
error/discountCodeInvalid Code does not exist
error/discountCodeItemsNotEligible Ineligible
error/discountCodeLimitReached Exceeded usage limit
error/discountCodeMinCartAmountRequired Order amount too low
error/discountCodeNotAvailable Promo hasn’t started
error/discountCodeRequiresPlatformLogin Code requires login
error/discountCodeUniqueEmailRequired Code already used
error/giftCardBalanceEmpty Gift card has an empty balance
error/giftCardHasInsufficientFund Gift card has insufficient funds
error/giftCardNumberInvalid Gift card number is invalid
error/giftCardPinInvalid Gift card pin is invalid
error/invalidOrder Invalid order!
error/maxAmount Order total is too big!
error/mobile/requiredCheckbox You must check the box above to proceed.
error/noApplicableItem No eligible items found
error/order Something went wrong.
error/orderCreation Please refresh the page and attempt to checkout again. If the problem persists, reach out to {{ email }} to complete your transaction.
error/paymentDeclined Your payment was declined. Please enter a new payment method.
error/poBox Address with P.O. Box is not allowed.
error/requiredCheckbox Please acknowledge the notice by checking the box to proceed.
error/requiredCustomField Please acknowledge the notice by filling out all required fields to proceed.
error/shipping Delivery is not available for this order.
error/shippingCostTooHigh Delivery method ineligible
error/timeout Service timeout occurred.
error/unable Unable to checkout
error/undeliverable This address is not deliverable according to the USPS
error/undeliverableAddressFieldPrompt Enter a new address
error/updateCardTryLater Please update your cart or try again later.
error/userNotEligible Error: code not applied
errors/no_shipping_options_details Please verify your shipping state and postal code. If the error persists, contact {{ support_email }} to complete your transaction.


Text Key Default Text
paypalBilling/completeText Complete your transaction via PayPal.
paypalBilling/connectedSubText Pay with PayPal
paypalBilling/connectedText Connected to PayPal
paypalBilling/label Paypal
paypalBilling/newTab PayPal will open in a new tab.


Text Key Default Text
accountCreation/networkBullet2 Shop hundreds of <1></1> with Bolt’s passwordless login
accountCreation/securityBullet2 Bank-level security & account protection
accountCreation/stores stores
accountCreation/trackOrderBullet2 Real-time tracking updates in select stores
accountCreation/updatedText Save my information for a faster checkout
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