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Pre-Authorization Server Failures
Learn how to investigate pre-authorization server errors.


My server is sending server errors to Bolt and I use the pre-authorization sequence for my integration.


If Bolt’s pre-auth order creation request receives a server error from the shopping cart platform, Bolt falls back to the following legacy flow:

  1. Bolt processes the authorization of payment
  2. Bolt creates the order via a webhook request

Usually, our legacy checkout flow is be able to create the orders on-the-fly and there is no noticeable error on a merchant’s end. However, the odds of webhooks failing increase, meaning that there could be transactions that exist in Bolt without corresponding orders in your order management system.


If you are alerted of an uptick in pre-auth order creation errors, you should take the following steps:

  1. Work with your developer and hosting provider to ensure that server resources are properly allocated. This will be especially important during times of peak traffic.
  2. Check the Bolt Dashboard for failed webhooks by navigating to the Developers Tab and filtering by Failed Status. You may refer to this guide for details on investigating failed webhooks.
  3. (Optional) If this problem is persistent, you may opt to automatically stop a transaction when Bolt receives a pre-authorization order creation failure. If you opt in to this setting, no payment will be authorized for the order. Reach out to Bolt Support if you would like to enable this feature.
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