This feature lets you offer services in a shopper's cart.


Services let you offer additional amenities or solutions to the shopper in their cart, such as product removal (like old mattresses or refrigerators) rush shipping, or hot weather protection.


Platform Supported Products


Custom Cart / Direct API

Adobe Commerce / Magento 2

(Adobe acquired the Magento brand in May 2018.)

Salesforce Commerce Cloud SFRA

  • Supported for Bolt Managed Checkout.
    • Bolt allows checkout integrations for site built with SFRA (Salesforce Resource Architecture).

    • Supported for Bolt’s SFRA v2 plugin only.


Set Up Services

The following steps are for merchants using a dedicated plugin integration.

  1. Log into the Bolt Merchant Dashboard.
  2. Navigate to Checkout > Add-Ons.
  3. Select Create add-on.
  4. Select Service from the dropdown.
  5. Enter the Title, External Reference ID of the service, and the Unit Price per service.
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