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Private Label Credit Cards
Learn about how private label credit cards work with Bolt.


Private label credit cards (PLCC) are an effective loyalty tool for merchants to deepen their relationships with shoppers and increase customer lifetime value (LTV).


Product Supported
Managed Checkout Yes.

Embedded Accounts Embedded Accounts Not supported.

Bolt supports the following PLCC providers:

  • Bread (formerly Alliance Data)
  • Citi

Shopper Experience

Bolt partners with your development team to integrate with the provider, bringing a seamless PLCC experience to your store.

  1. The PLCC provider handles the application and approval process.
  2. When a shopper is approved, Bolt prompts the shopper to use their new PLCC during checkout. The shopper can save the PLCC to their Wallet.
  3. This payment method only appears in store checkouts that accept this PLCC, so shoppers don’t have to worry about using the wrong card.


Contact your Customer Success Manager (CSM) and ask about PLCC. They’ll help you determine if this integration is a good option for your business. The integration process may take 2-3 months.

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