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Checkout Analytics & Tracking
How to set up Checkout Analytics for Bolt Checkout.


New Dashboard Notice

Bolt has launched a new Merchant Dashboard experience. See this corresponding page for help documentation that reflects the Legacy Dashboard.

Please note that Legacy Dashboard documentation may no longer have up to date information on our newest features and releases.

Pixel tracking enables Bolt to send events to a merchant’s Google and Facebook / Meta analytics platforms. Merchants can use this checkout data for metric monitoring. Read our Developer’s Checkout Analytics guide for more information on implementing analytics for Managed Checkout or Checkout Everywhere.


Platform Supported Products

Custom Cart / Direct API


Magento 1

Adobe Commerce / Magento 2

(Adobe acquired the Magento brand in May 2018.)

Salesforce Commerce Cloud SFRA




How to Add Tracking IDs

  1. Log in to the Bolt Merchant Dashboard.
  2. Navigate to Checkout > Analytics and Tracking.
  3. Below the analytics service, input your tracking IDs.
  4. Save.

You must enable tracking after adding the Tracking ID.

Enable Analytics & Purchase Tracking

After you have added a tracking ID, the following toggles display and are disabled by default:

  • Google Analytics tracking with Enhanced Ecommerce
  • Google Analytics Purchase tracking, turn off to avoid duplicates
  • Facebook / Meta Pixel Ecommerce Tracking
  • Facebook / Meta Pixel Purchase tracking, turn off to avoid duplicates


Purchase tracking triggers upon the completion of a purchase and pushes the associated details into the data layer. Do not enable this if you already have purchase tracking enabled on your confirmation page as this will generate duplicates.

How to Edit Tracking IDs

  1. Log in to the Bolt Merchant Dashboard.
  2. Navigate to the Settings > Checkout.
  3. Scroll to Checkout Analytics and Tracking.
  4. Select the tracking-id-12345 next to the analytics service.
  5. Edit your tracking ID.
  6. Update.
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