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Infrastructure Reliability Policy
Learn about Bolt's infrastructure, uptime track-record, and stance on disaster recovery.

Availability and Uptime

Bolt maintains an industry-leading 99.999% uptime and monitors all services 24/7/365. You can verify service uptime by going to https://status.bolt.com.

We utilize a containerized architecture and leverage the most advanced container orchestration tools to ensure services never go down. Containers will automatically scale up as our traffic increases, thus ensuring consistently fast response time at peak times.

Hosting Facilities

Bolt’s infrastructure is hosted on AWS across multiple datacenters. We leverage AWS-certified PCI-compliant infrastructure and implement the highest level of security across the board. Embracing infrastructure as code (IaC) paired with a solid software development life cycle (SLDC), Bolt is able to systematically and consistently make infrastructure changes while maintaining highly secure systems.

Disaster Recovery

Bolt ensures the durability of our data by running regular backups across all data stores. Backups are copied and stored in multiple regions. We also have a well documented and automated data recovery process.

Because Bolt maintains infrastructure as code (IaC), our team is able to reliably and quickly rebuild any infrastructure gaps due to emergencies.

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