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Multi-Currency & VAT
This feature enables you to use currencies other than USD.


Bolt supports multi-currency for qualified merchants, as well as display VAT at checkout to inform shoppers of all fees in their local currency.


Platform Supported Products


Custom Cart / Direct API

Adobe Commerce / Magento 2

(Adobe acquired the Magento brand in May 2018.)



Presentment currency: The currency that the shopper sees and uses to pay for the purchase. Your checkout type, ecommerce platform, and payment processor must support the presentment currency you choose.

Settlement currency: The currency in which the merchant receives the funds paid out. Your payment processor must support the settlement currency you choose.

Bolt Payments

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Third-Party Payment Service Providers

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Enable Multi-Currency

After you determine which currencies you’d like to use, reach out to your Customer Success Manager to get started with multi-currency. It can take approximately one week for our team to adjust your account’s currency settings.


By default Bolt displays Tax at checkout. To change this to VAT, contact your Customer Success Manager and ask them to enable the **EnableVATIncludedNotice** division feature.

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