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Handling Rejected Orders
How to help shoppers with rejected orders.


You may find yourself with the following scenario:

“My customer has received a notification that their order is on hold or that their order has been rejected. They have contacted me to resolve this issue. How should I respond?”


Bolt recommends reviewing the order’s rejection reasons displayed in the transaction details for the order before overriding a rejection. Here are the top two solutions you can try to resolve this issue:

  1. If a customer is reaching out about an order that is in a Recently Rejected state, then you can take the following actions: permanently reject, submit for re-review, or force approve the order.
  2. If a customer is reaching out about an order that is in a Permanently Rejected state, you can instruct the shopper to try to chec kout again.


If you know with certainty the order should not be rejected, you can add the shopper to your merchant Allowlist.

Tips for Re-Review

To maximize chances for a successful re-review, Bolt needs as much information as possible.

Step 1: Submit the following evidence:

  • Any record of past transactions that have been successfully placed with your store
  • All communication you’ve had with the customer, including emails and recorded calls
  • Any evidence of prior interactions with your brand (e.g., mailing list sign-ups, social media engagements)

Step 2: Submit shopper’s answers to the following questions:

  • Are you purchasing this for yourself or is it a gift for someone else?
  • What location are you making the purchase from?
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