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Dynamic Customization Options

This guide will help developers build rules for dynamic features. Dynamic features enable a merchant to create a library of rules that conditionally populate information while the shopper checks out.

Supported Features

Conditions Logic

Conditions drive the logic of rules and are checked when a Shopper interacts with Bolt Checkout. You can add multiple conditions together using && to create complex rules. Reference the Rules Engine for a list of all possible operators.

Multi-Condition Example

ShippingAddress.Locality == "City" &&
ShippingAddress.Region == "California" &&
ShippingAddress.PostalCode == "94103" &&
ShippingAddress.CountryCode == "US" &&
ShippingAddress.Country == "United States"

Available Conditions

Condition Expression Example Notes
Check Address Verification GetAddressType() == if Address Verification Feature set to none, options include: standard & po_box. if Address Verification Feature set to lob, options include: standard,po_box, & military.
Check All Cart Items in List If all(Items, {.Reference in [“11”,“13”]})
Check All Cart Items in List If all(Items, {.SKU in [“sku1”,“sku2”]})
Check Cart Discounts If len(Discounts)==0
Check Cart is Missing Specific Item If all(Items, {.Reference != “15”})
Check Currency If Cart.Currency==‘USD’
Check Discount Total If Cart.DiscountTotal==300
Check if Cart has Non-Taxable Item If any(Items, {!.Taxable})
Check if Cart Item Exceeds Taxable Limit If any(Items, {.TaxAmount>5})
Check if Cart Items Total Matches If Cart.ItemTotal==800
Check Shipping Carrier If Shipment.Carrier==“Fedex”
Check Shipping Cost If Shipment.Cost==120
Check Shipping Country If ShippingAddress.Country == “United States”
Check Shipping Country Code If ShippingAddress.CountryCode == “US”
Check Shipping Locality If ShippingAddress.Locality == “City” && ShippingAddress.Region == “California”
Check Shipping Postal Code If ShippingAddress.PostalCode == “94103”
Check Shipping Reference If Shipment.Reference==“jkl123”
Check Shipping Service If Shipment.Service==“Ground”
Check Shipping Total If Cart.ShippingTotal==120+12
Check Tax Amount If Cart.TaxAmount==0
Check Tax Amount If Shipment.TaxAmount>0
Check Total Amount If Cart.TotalAmount==200
Check All Product Names Containing Prefix If all(Items, {.Name startsWith “Test”})
Check All Product Names Containing String If all(Items, {.Name contains “product”})
Check All Product Names Containing Suffix If any(Items, {.Name endsWith “1”})
Check All Product Names Matching Regular Expression If all(Items, {.Name matches “^Test.+"})


You can execute a command when a condition is met. There are two main commands you can use with Bolt:

  • Display Notices: Message => "Delivery to this region is currently unavailable."
  • Display Checkbox: checkbox => confirm_21
  • Convert $€¥ to Integer: toMonetary(<NUMBER>); toMonetary(10.12) == 1012
  • Round to Ceiling: ceil(<INT>); You are $%ceil(toMonetary(150) - Cart.TotalAmount)% away from free shipping

Integration Examples

Example One


any(Items, {.SKU in ["MATTRESS01-C","MATTRESS01", "MBASE05"]})


Message => "Mattresses and Comfort Bases only ship to US addresses. PO boxes and APO/FPO addresses cannot be accommodated at this time."

Example Two


 Cart.TotalAmount-Cart.ShippingTotal<5000 &&
  ShippingAddress.CountryCode == "US" && (ShippingAddress.Region not in
  ["Alaska","Guam","Hawaii","Puerto Rico"])


Message => "Just add $%5000-(Cart.TotalAmount-Cart.ShippingTotal)% to get FREE U.S. Shipping! Continue Shopping."

Example Three


ShippingAddress.Region in ['Alaska','Hawaii']


Message => "AK and HI CoolBot product orders will ship by United States Postal Service. Please email email@email.com for an A/C shipping quote."
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