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Dynamic Customization Options
Learn about the rules and conditions available for dynamic features such as custom notices and custom checkboxes.

This guide will help developers build rules for dynamic features. Dynamic features enable a merchant to create a library of rules that conditionally populate information while the shopper checks out.

Supported Features

Conditions Logic

Conditions drive the logic of rules and are checked when a Shopper interacts with Bolt Checkout. You can add multiple conditions together using && to create complex rules. Reference the Rules Engine for a list of all possible operators.

Multi-Condition Example

ShippingAddress.Locality == "City" &&
ShippingAddress.Region == "California" &&
ShippingAddress.PostalCode == "94103" &&
ShippingAddress.CountryCode == "US" &&
ShippingAddress.Country == "United States"

Available Conditions

Condition Expression Example Notes
Check Address Verification GetAddressType() == if Address Verification Feature set to none, options include: standard & po_box. if Address Verification Feature set to lob, options include: standard,po_box, & military.
Check All Cart Items in List If all(Items, {.Reference in [“11”,“13”]})
Check All Cart Items in List If all(Items, {.SKU in [“sku1”,“sku2”]})
Check Cart Discounts If len(Discounts)==0
Check Cart is Missing Specific Item If all(Items, {.Reference != “15”})
Check Currency If Cart.Currency==‘USD’
Check Discount Total If Cart.DiscountTotal==300
Check if Cart has Non-Taxable Item If any(Items, {!.Taxable})
Check if Cart Item Exceeds Taxable Limit If any(Items, {.TaxAmount>5})
Check if Cart Items Total Matches If Cart.ItemTotal==800
Check Shipping Carrier If Shipment.Carrier==“Fedex”
Check Shipping Cost If Shipment.Cost==120
Check Shipping Country If ShippingAddress.Country == “United States”
Check Shipping Country Code If ShippingAddress.CountryCode == “US”
Check Shipping Locality If ShippingAddress.Locality == “City” && ShippingAddress.Region == “California”
Check Shipping Postal Code If ShippingAddress.PostalCode == “94103”
Check Shipping Reference If Shipment.Reference==“jkl123”
Check Shipping Service If Shipment.Service==“Ground”
Check Shipping Total If Cart.ShippingTotal==120+12
Check Tax Amount If Cart.TaxAmount==0
Check Tax Amount If Shipment.TaxAmount>0
Check Total Amount If Cart.TotalAmount==200
Check All Product Names Containing Prefix If all(Items, {.Name startsWith “Test”})
Check All Product Names Containing String If all(Items, {.Name contains “product”})
Check All Product Names Containing Suffix If any(Items, {.Name endsWith “1”})
Check All Product Names Matching Regular Expression If all(Items, {.Name matches “^Test.+"})


You can execute a command when a condition is met. There are two main commands you can use with Bolt:

  • Display Notices: Message => "Delivery to this region is currently unavailable."
  • Display Checkbox: checkbox => confirm_21
  • Convert $€¥ to Integer: toMonetary(<NUMBER>); toMonetary(10.12) == 1012
  • Round to Ceiling: ceil(<INT>); You are $%ceil(toMonetary(150) - Cart.TotalAmount)% away from free shipping

Integration Examples

Example One


any(Items, {.SKU in ["MATTRESS01-C","MATTRESS01", "MBASE05"]})


Message => "Mattresses and Comfort Bases only ship to US addresses. PO boxes and APO/FPO addresses cannot be accommodated at this time."

Example Two


 Cart.TotalAmount-Cart.ShippingTotal<5000 &&
  ShippingAddress.CountryCode == "US" && (ShippingAddress.Region not in
  ["Alaska","Guam","Hawaii","Puerto Rico"])


Message => "Just add $%5000-(Cart.TotalAmount-Cart.ShippingTotal)% to get FREE U.S. Shipping! Continue Shopping."

Example Three


ShippingAddress.Region in ['Alaska','Hawaii']


Message => "AK and HI CoolBot product orders will ship by United States Postal Service. Please email email@email.com for an A/C shipping quote."
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