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Transfer Payment Tokens to Bolt
Learn how to complete a PCI-compliant Payment Token Transfer so your shoppers' previously saved cards are available in their new Bolt accounts.

When merchants implement Bolt, their shoppers' existing storefront accounts are often transformed into Bolt accounts as part of their go-live. However, this standard migration does not include card information because financial data is tokenized and stored by a merchant’s payment processor.


Card Payment Token Transfer is currently supported for merchants who use Bolt SSO.

The Payment Token Transfer process is most valuable if you have a high percentage of transactions that originate from saved cards.

In general, Bolt uses the following guidelines to determine Payment Token Transfer availability:

Number of saved tokens Availability Description
> 1 million Guaranteed Bolt will provide Payment Token Transfer during the implementation process at no charge.
0.5 - 1 million Considered Bolt may provide Payment Token Transfer for special cases, and may charge a service fee.
< 0.5 million Unavailable Token migration is not available at this time.


Bolt recommends the following alternatives to merchants who don’t transfer card tokens:

  1. In-checkout notification: Activated shopper accounts without transferred payment tokens will see a banner during checkout describing the merchant’s recent upgrade to Bolt checkout. The banner prompts shoppers to re-enter their payment method for security purposes.
  2. Email Action - Recommended for Subscription Merchants: Shoppers are notified via email that the merchant is upgrading their checkout to Bolt, and that this process requires them to re-enter their payment information. The email includes a pay-by-link button, which adds the card to their account.

Overview of Payment Token Transfers

To prepare for secure Payment Token Transfer, inform your Bolt Customer Success Manager (CSM) and your processor that you’d like to perform a Payment Token Transfer. Your Bolt CSM will assess availability for your business and help coordinate the transfer of data.

Prepare the Tokens

Depending on your agreement with your processor, their team may be able to complete the token preparation steps for you.

  1. Create a file of all the tokens that you wish to transfer. Bolt supports files with the following characteristics:
    • CSV format
    • Column layout
  2. Find the Bolt PGP public key specific to your processor.
  3. Encrypt the tokens file using the appropriate PGP public key.

Transfer the File

  1. Generate an SSH keypair.
  2. Send the SSH public key to your Bolt CSM.
  3. Bolt sets up an SFTP server and provides the access information:
    • Server
    • Port
    • Username
  4. Log into the SFTP server, using the SSH private key as the password.
  5. Upload the tokens file via SFTP.
  6. Bolt’s team securely receives the file, decrypts the data, and transfers the tokens. This process includes generating new, Bolt-specific tokens to tie the card to the account and to keep card details secure in future transactions.
  7. Shoppers can now access cards from their Bolt account that they saved previously in the merchant storefront account.

Supported Processors

Visit the link for each processor to view the specific requirements and key information:

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