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Prepare & Test for Launch
Important things your team should verify before going live with Bolt's Checkout and other products.

Developers, Partners, and Merchant Admins should use this guide to verify that their integration with Bolt is complete and thorough before launching in a production environment.

How to Prepare for Launch

The following checklist should be used for initial launch and when consuming plugin updates to ensure the best experience for your shoppers.

Step 1: Create a Deployment Plan

Bolt’s Merchant Team is responsible for the actual code deployment of Bolt onto your production site, following your standard deployment processes and procedures. Bolt Integration Engineers are on standby during launch to support if needed. Before launch, create your own deployment plan to ensure the smoothest delivery possible.

Example Plan Outline

  1. Verify Bolt integration in the staging environment passes the testing plan.
  2. Verify 3rd party integrations are working.
  3. Create a log of files changed.
  4. Disable previous checkout workflow.
  5. Verify Bolt integration version is the same in the production environment.
  6. Verify the production environment’s keys are in place.
  7. Verify webhook settings in the production environment match those in staging.
  8. Verify analytics are working.
  9. Review Shopper Notification Settings.
  10. Verify internal users have access to the Bolt Merchant Dashboard.

Step 2: Verify All Critical Tests Have Passed

Use our testing guide when building a test plan for Bolt checkout. Refer to Bolt’s error codes and testing cards to troubleshoot any outstanding issues.


Bolt does not and cannot test for fulfillment processes outside of Bolt. Bolt’s test coverage includes functionality of Bolt Checkout. We strongly recommend that you test for your particular workflows for each transaction status.

Step 3: Verify Production Keys are in Place

  1. Replace your Bolt sandbox keys in your eCommerce Platform with production keys. This includes all of the following:

    • API Key
    • Publishable Key
    • Signing Secret The publishable key is a long string of lower and upper case letters and numbers that consists of three sections. publishable key
  2. Ensure any keys for your alternative payment methods are updated in your production Bolt Merchant Dashboard.

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