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Postman Collection
Explore the Bolt API and quick start development with our Postman Collection.

New Dashboard Notice

Bolt has launched a new Merchant Dashboard experience. See this corresponding page for help documentation that reflects the Legacy Dashboard.

Please note that Legacy Dashboard documentation may no longer have up to date information on our newest features and releases.

The Bolt Postman Collection is a collection of API endpoints and environments you can fork to quickly develop with Bolt. The workspace contains the following pre-populated data:

  • Endpoint paths
  • Request bodies
  • Headers

Before You Start

  • You need Bolt API credentials to make requests using the collection. Navigate to The Bolt Merchant Sandbox > Administration > API and copy the following:
    • • Publishable Key (The publishable key is a long string of lower and upper case letters and numbers that consists of three sections.)
    • • API Key
    • • Division Public ID

How to Use

  1. Navigate to the Bolt Postman Workspace.
  2. Click this button to fork the workspace:

  1. Navigate to Environments. Set up your environment by inputting your API credentials for each value. For more information see Postman’s Documentation on setting variables.
  2. Select a request you want to run and click Send.


    You do not have to populate all variables to make requests. Different variables are relevant to different requests.

Use Cases

Scoping and Prototyping

Scope how you will use Bolt’s APIs when integrating Bolt into your existing ecommerce workflows.


See our Accounts documentation to get started integrating Bolt with an existing ecommerce store.

UI for Requests

The Postman Collection does not require you to create a standalone server environment to be able to test Bolt APIs and review response bodies.


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