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Bolt Webhooks
Learn about Bolt's webhooks.

This page describes what to expect when you subscribe to Bolt’s webhooks.

Transaction Events

Get updates on status changes as a transaction moves through lifecycle stages. All transaction events correspond to the transaction webhook object type.

Transaction Webhook Triggers

The following transaction endpoints trigger webhook notifications by default:

Endpoint Triggers webhook?
Authorize a Card Yes; the webhook type depends on the value in auto-capture
Capture a Transaction Yes
Refund a Transaction Yes
Void a Transaction Yes


Some endpoints allow you to skip receiving a webhook notification by setting skip_hook_notification to true.

Authorization Events

When our automated risk review system approves transactions, you receive the status immediately. If the transaction is flagged for manual review, you receive the status in a webhook notification.

Event Description Transaction status
pending The payment pre-authorization was successful, and the transaction is now pending fraud review. Pending
failed_payment The payment failed pre-authorization. Failed Authorization
payment If you use automatic capture, the transaction passed authorization and fraud review, and the system captured the funds. Completed
auth If you use manual capture, the transaction passed authorization and fraud review, and you can begin the capture process. Authorized
rejected_irreversible The transaction failed fraud review. You cannot appeal this decision. Permanently Rejected
rejected_reversible The transaction was flagged during fraud review. You can request a re-review. Recently Rejected
flowchart LR A[/Payment submitted/] --> B{Authorization} B -->|Failure| C[failed_payment] B -->|Success| D[pending] D --> E{Fraud review} E --->|Failure, can appeal| H[rejected_reversible] E --->|Failure, cannot appeal| J[rejected_irreversible] E -->|Success| K{Capture type} K -->|Auto| I[payment] K -->|Manual| G[auth]

Merchant-Initiated Events (Asynchronous)

Event Description Transaction status
capture A manual capture was successful. Completed
credit The system successfully processed a refund or credit. Refunded
void The system successfully voided this transaction. Cancelled
flowchart LR H{Manual merchant actions} --> |Capture| K[capture] H -->|Refund| J[credit] H -->|Void| I[void]

Other Notifications

Event Description
newsletter_subscription The customer subscribed to the merchant’s newsletter.
risk_insights Information about the transaction’s risk is available from the fraud review.

Credit Card Events (BETA)

This is in Beta for custom cart implementations, ask your implementation manager about enablement. See our API reference for more information.

  • credit_card_deleted: A customer removed a saved credit card from their account. This webhook is for custom cart implementations and is only available to beta merchants.

Virtual Terminal

Virtual Terminal does not support webhooks. To receive updates on transactions processed through Virtual Terminal, you can set up SMS or email notifications.

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