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  • Custom Cart Guide

    Custom Cart Guide Chapters What is Bolt? Learn about the main components of Bolt that handle checkouts. How Bolt Interacts Learn how the Bolt API, Merchant API, and webhooks process delivery options, tax calculations, and more. Bolt Checkout Integration Guide Start here if you're experienced with storefront development just want the setup instructions.

  • Production Readiness Guide

    Developers, Partners, and Merchant Admins should use this guide to verify that their integration with Bolt is complete and thorough before launching in a production environment.

  • Test Card References

    You can use the following card numbers to simulate scenarios in a sandbox. The type of test cards used vary depending on the processor or gateway set up with your merchant account.

    Bolt Payments

    • Expiration: Any month/year in the future
    • CVV: Any 3 digits
    • Type: Visa
    Scenario Number Behavior
    Reviewed and approved by Bolt 4111 1111 1111 1111
    Reviewed and irreversibly rejected by Bolt 4457 0101 4000 0141 Shopper reaches order confirmation but is notified via email that there was an issue completing the order.
    Reviewed and reversibly rejected by Bolt 4457 0102 0000 0247
    Bolt rejection before authorization 4100 2003 1000 0002 Shopper receivesan error and does not proceed to order confirmation.
    Place in review 4457 0002 0000 0008
    Processor rejection 3743 133042 11118 Shopper receivesan error and does not proceed to order confirmation.

  • Test Order Amounts

    You can use the following order totals to simulate order scenarios in your Bolt sandbox. Need to set up your sandbox? refer to our Environment Details reference article for all necessary API keys and URLs. Bolt Order Amounts Outcome Order Total Reviewed & Approved $8,017.01 Irreversibly Rejected $8,017.02 Reversibly Rejected $8,017.03 Declined $8,017.04 Auto-Approved (No Review) $8,017.