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No Delivery Options Available

Bolt has launched a new Merchant Dashboard experience, which is currently in Beta. See this page for help documentation that reflects the new dashboard.


Shoppers receive the following error upon proceeding to Delivery options:

Delivery is not available for this order.


Here are the top two solutions you can try to resolve this issue. If neither of these solutions work, reach out to the Bolt Support Team.

1. Verify Shipping & Tax URLs

  1. Log in to the Bolt Merchant Dashboard.
  2. Navigate to Administration > API.
  3. Scroll to Merchant Callback URLs.
  4. Review endpoint URLs and update if necessary.


If the console presents an error stating no such host, updating your DNS nameserver record (e.g.,/etc/resolv.conf) may resolve your issue.

After updating your endpoint URLs, refresh your browser and try to checkout again.

2. Unblock Bolt Requests (Hosts)

If your store is not on a fully-hosted platform, it’s possible that Bolt’s requests are being blocked by your host (e.g., Cloudflare). To resolve this, simply add Bolt’s IP addresses to your hosts Auto-Approved List.


After you have added Bolt’s IP addresses, refresh your browser and try to checkout again.

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