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See workflows for common tasks and issues.
Renew Your Domain
Learn what to do when your domain name is about to expire.
Bolt Checkout Modal Doesn't Open
How to troubleshoot the Checkout Modal when it does not open for shoppers.
Externally Marked BigCommerce Orders
Why are Bolt orders marked 'external' in BigCommerce?
Handle Cardholder Reports of Fraud
How merchants can handle fraud claims submitted by a cardholder.
Handling Rejected Orders
How to help shoppers with rejected orders.
Imported Orders From ShipStation to BigCommerce Have the Wrong Status
Why are my ShipStation Orders getting rejected?
Load Speeds, Script Sizes, & Site Performance
How to analyze your page load speeds and overall site performance.
No Delivery Options Available
How to troubleshoot issues with fetching shipping options for shoppers in Bolt Checkout.
Order is Unlinked in BigCommerce
How do I re-link an unlinked order in BigCommerce?
Order Not Showing in Bolt
Why does this order not show in the Bolt Dashboard?
Pre-Authorization Server Failures
Learn how to investigate pre-authorization server errors.
Refund a Visa Giftcard That Doesn't Exist
How do I refund a VISA gift card that doesn't exist anymore?
Reverse Accidental Refunds
How to reverse an accidental refund.
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