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Checkout Cart Groups

Merchants on custom cart platforms can group similar items in Bolt checkout using Cart Groups. One common use case is to group items in the shopper’s cart by expected shipping or delivery dates.


Custom (API)


You must update the create.order Merchant Callback API call to include the item_group field.

  "id": "9733761171175415",
  "displayId": "5203939994859497",
  "items": [
      "reference": "1123",
      "name": "Blue Hat",
      "description": " Large blue satin hat with initials embroidered.",
      "options": "string option",
      "total_amount": {},
      "unit_price": {},
      "tax_amount": {},
      "quantity": 3,
      "uom": "string",
      "upc": "string",
      "sku": "SKU-11021",
      "isbn": "12-345-678-90123",
      "brand": "Bolt Swagstore",
      "manufacturer": "Bolt Factory",
      "category": "hats",
      "collections": [],
      "tags": "red",
      "color": "Red",
      "size": "XXL",
      "weight": {},
      "image_url": "https://boltswagstore.com/inventory/hats/red-hat.png",
      "details_url": "https://boltswagstore.com/inventory/hats/red-hat.png",
      "type": "physical",
      "taxable": true,
      "properties": [],
      // Add item_group to the item object to enable a cart grouping for that item.
      "item_group": "Ships Immediately",
      "shipment_type": "unknown",
      "customizations": [],
      "bolt_product_id": "e2bb0e7e-5625-536f-8ad7-25a26537ee28"
  "currency": "USD"
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