Enable your shoppers to add more products, fees or services to their cart during checkout.

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Add-Ons are a great way for merchants to add convenience and enhance the shopping experience pre, during, and post-checkout.

  • Enable static or dynamic recommendations to offer complementary or recommended products, such as gift boxes, screen protectors, or batteries.
  • Enable services to show shoppers options for additional amenities or solutions offered by your store, such as rush shipping or mattress removal.
  • Enable shippping insurance with Route (only on supported cart platforms) to offer your shoppers security while they wait for your product.
  • Enable donations to allow customers give to a cause or support your business.

Available Add-Ons

Static Product Recommendations

Recommends products specifically pre-selected by the merchant.

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Dynamic Product Recommendations

Recommends a few products that are most relevant based on Bolt’s algorithms.

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Displays a list of optional amenities or solutions in the shopper’s cart.

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Shipping Insurance

Offers delivery insurance priced according to the order total.

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Offers multiple pricing options for making a donation.

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Cart-Based Product Add-Ons

Displays products to shoppers that coordinate with the items already in their cart.

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