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Product Add-ons & Upsells

Product Add-ons are a great way for merchants to add convenience and enhance the shopping experience. Offering complementary or add-on products - such as gift boxes, insurance, screen protectors, or batteries - can ensure you have everything you need for your purchase.

Price Types

Static Pricing (Default) Dynamic Pricing
Displayed globally across all shopper checkout experiences. Limited to one product per Dynamic Add-on type.
Are not inventory aware and must be manually removed if sold out.
Limited to three static addons (recommended: one)

Static Pricing (Default)

Static Add-ons are a quick and easy way to get started with upselling as part of the checkout experience.

For example, you can add some of the following things as optional add-ons to a customer’s current order:

  • Product samples
  • Popular accessories
  • Trending items

Merchants using BigCommerce may also enable static donations at checkout, allowing the shopper to specify the amount they’d like to donate.

Dynamic Pricing Add-ons

Bolt offers dynamic pricing add-ons for shipping and donations.


Shoppers can add shipping protection to their carts, if a merchant is using the Route Add-on.

Route is a delivery insurance system. When using the Dynamic Add-on for Route, the checkout total is calculated by calling one of Route’s servers to get the total price including the added cost of Route’s insurance service.

Read more about Bolt’s integration for Route.


Bolt offers the ability to allow customers to include a donation to checkout. See the table below for a list of donation options available.


To implement Donations in your checkout, reach out to Bolt Support to turn on the Enable product add-ons and Enable dynamic add-ons feature flags.

Type Description Example
Roundup Rounds up the checkout total for the cart to the nearest dollar amount.
  1. The original cart total is $15.85. A Roundup Donation is selected.
  2. The checkout total is rounded up to the nearest round number - in this case, $16.00.
Percentage Adds a percentage to the checkout total based on the selected donation percentage of the cart’s total.
  1. The original cart total is $100.00.
  2. A 15% donation is selected.
  3. The checkout total is calculated to add 15% of the existing total, making the total $115.00.
Custom Amount Adds the shopper’s inputted amount to the cart’s total.
  1. The original cart total is $50.00.
  2. The shopper inputs $5.00 into the donation input field.
  3. The checkout total is calculated to add the inputted amount to the existing cart total, making the total $55.00.

Display and Placement Options

You can configure Product Add-ons to display prior to purchase in an temporary modal: Product addons, shown in the checkout modal

Or, they can be shown within the order tracking section of the Bolt confirmation page:

Product addons, shown in the confirmation page

Cart-Based Product Add-Ons

Cart-Based Product Add-Ons is currently available to participating Beta merchants.

Merchants can use their own upsell engine (built in house or a third-party service) to power product upsells in checkout. To do so, merchants need only pass in the recommendations they would like to show a given shopper into our checkout modal, and Bolt does the rest.

Follow out Set up Cart-Based Product Upsells guide to get started.

Cart-Based Add-Ons

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