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Merchant Dashboard Redesign General Availability

The New

Bolt has released a new Merchant Dashboard design with an improved navigation that streamlines the Bolt workflow and includes several new features.

Upgraded Features

  • With Self-service Disputes, quickly take action on chargebacks and review the status of ongoing disputes.
  • Bolt has introduced Alternative Payment Method Google Pay, with more new ways to pay being added all the time.
  • The revamped Transactions timeline allows you to see an at-a-glance view of orders.
  • Added fraud protection allows merchants to block specific emails and IP addresses from transacting. Prevent known fraudsters from purchasing items on your site.


  • The new navigation prioritizes workflow, grouping tasks intuitively to maximize productivity. Settings have been improved to work more predictably.
  • Filtering and pagination is improved across the dashboard experience.


  • Key data is consolidated and reports optimized to improve readability, increase user engagement and reduce cognitive load.

Additionally, Bolt has optimized the back-end code for our dashboard, making it faster and even more responsive. You can switch back to the old dashboard experience by clicking Go to Legacy Dashboard at the bottom of the new menu.

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