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Adobe Commerce/Magento 2 2.25.0


Bolt is working on a new, API-based architecture and approach to our Magento 2 Plugin that takes advantage of Magento’s native APIs. This change will reduce the potential for bugs, improves our rate of feature development, and demands less frequent plugin upgrades.

This new plugin is expected to become available in 2022, and will be accompanied by a migration guide to help merchants switch plugins. More details will follow as the release date for this new plugin approaches.

If you are interested in participating in our Beta program for this plugin, please reach out to your Bolt representative.

The New

  • Shoppers no longer switch between Magento Store accounts when Bolt SSO is enabled on a store using the Legacy plugin.

The Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an issue where shoppers were unable to place an order when applying a fixed-amount discount towards their cart total due to how the discount impacted shipping calculations.
  • Resolved an issue where discounts applied to a cart displayed a generic nondescrispt DISCOUNT tag when missing an associated description. This caused confusion when multiple discounts were applied. Now, discounts applied to a cart display their discount name as the tag. (e.g., BOGO2022)
  • Resolved an issue where refund (credit) grand totals were mismatched when compared to order grand totals.

See this guide to update your plugin.

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