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Magento Commerce 2.18.0

The New
  • Merchants can now recognize Apple Pay orders from their Payment Information as Bolt-Applepay in the Magento Admin console.
The Improved
  • We added an optional feature switch that updates orders with failed payment hooks to a canceled status instead of deleting them. This can be useful for merchants that use ERP systems. For activation, reach out to your customer success manager
  • Now you can see the cart type and last four digits when reviewing orders from all processors.
  • Discounts got a small refresh in the way their information is displayed.
  • We did some refactoring for our payment-only checkout flow.
The Bug Fixes
  • There was a very unlikely (but still possible) chance that changes to Mirsavit credit applied to the cart did not update, so we made sure it will update every time.

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